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Mini Switch with Mifi

I am trying to use a Mini switch with a Mifi. I am able to configure the mini switch at home and verified that the switch was working through the MIfi by turning off the Mifi and watching the switch go to flashing Amber. I take the Mifi to an airplane hanger with the Mifi and it does not connect to the Mifi continues to flash amber. If I reset the switch, it goes through the initial setup screen but is unable to locate the Wi-Fi signal from the MiFi. I am able to connect and access the internet from the Mifi on both my cell phone and from a laptop. I have tried setting a specific channel, turning off security and typing in the Wi-Fi name and pw using the manual option with no luck. I took the switch back home and it worked fine. I returned with the switch the Mifi and a Belkin camera. The camera works fine through the Mifi but the switch will still not connect to the Wi-Fi.

One other note is that when I first purchased the switch it worked in the airplane hanger. The MIfi locked up and needed a hard reset. Since then it has not worked.

I deleted the app and reinstalled but no change.

Any ideas would be appreciated
Posts: 2
Registered: ‎02-12-2018

Re: Mini Switch with Mifi

I was able to get it to work but I am not sure why.  I connected a Tenda N60 router to the MiFi using WDS bridging mode on the WAN interface.  I ran setup and the MIFI SSID showed up and I was able to connect to it and operate the switch.  I unplugged the N60 and the switch continued to operate fine.  I cycled the power on the Belkin switch and the switch would not reconnect to the MiFi.  I plugged the N60 back in and the switch connected to the MiFi.  Makes no sense to me but it would appear that the N60 is providing something that the MiFi isn't to establish the initial connection.  This also seems to be the reason why setup was possible at home since there is a WiFi router there but it's on a  different network.


I would like to know why this is for my own knowledge.

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Re: Mini Switch with Mifi

Allow us to look into this, jcordeiro. Is the MiFi have a WPA network security? If it has and it does not need a browser to log in to access the internet, then it should work just fine. Also, you might want to check out this link for the list of networks that will not work with WEMO.

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