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Mini Wifi Smart Plug Flashes Amber forever

Trying to set up a Wemo Mini wifi smart plug.  Instructions say to plug it in and "wait until the ... indicator light flashes white and amber.  Mine starts out white, then flashes white, then flashes amber forever.  It never flashes white & amber.  I plugged it in very near our wifi router.  I tried power-cycling both the router and the Wemo Mini.  Same result.  If I press the button on the Wemo Mini, it switches to flashing blue and yellow-ish.  At no point does my (Android) phone detect any wifi signal (supposedly Wemo.Mini).


What now?

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Re: Mini Wifi Smart Plug Flashes Amber forever

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Hi, jajohnson. A flashing amber light signifies that your Wemo has network credentials stored in it (Wi-Fi name and password), but it is unable to connect to your Wi-Fi. You have to reset it manually to set it up again. Please follow the steps in this link. You can choose Scenario 2 for a clean start.


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Re: Mini Wifi Smart Plug Flashes Amber forever

I'm not sure why it had to be reset, because I took it out of the box, brand new, and tried to set it up according to the instructions in the box, and experienced the blinking-amber problem.


But your instructions worked, and now it's set up correctly.