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Mini plug does not work on DD-WRT Guest network

[ Edited ]

I am using a router that guest wifi only supports "allow guests see each other and access your local network". So I loaded dd-wrt onto the router, create virtual interface on 2.4GHz with AP isolation disabled(so that guest devices can see each other) and net isolation enabled(so that guests cannot access home network). Below is what is working, and what is not working:


1. Mini on home 2.4GHz - OK (So radio settings are compatible, guest virtual network is on this same radio)

2. Facory reset mini on guest network - OK (Only works once, see below, so DHCP, DNS, WAN access are OK)

3. In above step 2, everything works fine, remote control, google home have control over the mini, unplug the mini, Mini won't come back online, keeps blinking orange/amber LED. From the router DHCP list, mini keeps requesting DHCP and was offered guest IP.

4. On the same guest network, TP link plug and Google home work perfectly.


Memo, require full home network access is not acceptable in today's environment and irresponsible for your customers. Please let me know what is needed for wemo to work on guest network (WAN, DHCP, DNS, guest subnet access are provided)


Firmware is the latest as of 12/1/2018

DD-WRT firmware version v3.0-r37495M kongat (10/28/18)

Virtual Interface Settings:

Network Configuration Unbridged
Multicast forwarding Enable
Masquerade / NAT Enable
Net Isolation Enable 
Forced DNS Redirection Enable 
Optional DNS Target
Edit: Did some wireless traffic capture, the mini keeps requesting DHCP IP, and each time it is offered a valid guest IP on guest subnet, it even tries to ask where DHCP server is located through ARP protocol using the offered IP. Not sure if it receives ARP reply because ARP reply is unicast. I am wondering why mini won't just take offered IP on guest network? May find time to see how it responses if it is on home network.
Edit 2: There is a differernce between DD-WRT home and guest network, the home DHCP server is pingable, but guest DHCP server is not pingable, however all other devices can ping each other. I am new to dd-wrt, not sure how to make dd-wrt guest DHCP server pingable in case Wemo mini somehow wants to ping it before accepting IP address(It should not). device on 192.168.1.x can ping both and, but device on 192.168.2.x cannot either or
Edit 3: Does not seem to be DHCP issue: I ran another DHCP server offerring non-overlapping IP on guest network, mini would request and accept IP, for a few seconds, it would be pingable, then it would restart everything again, looks like it is something blocked on guest network that mini does not like it, but why initial factory reset always work, but reboot and power cycle is not OK? If any Wemo developer is reading this, which firewall rule should be set or which service should be enabled to make Mini happy?
Posts: 6
Registered: ‎12-01-2018

Re: Mini plug does not work on DD-WRT Guest network

Found a solution. Everything works fine with dd-wrt now, guest and home network separated.