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Re: Mini plugs not staying connected

If you have an access point that's likely the problem, the belkin app doesn't play well with access points. 


"Has anyone found a solution"


Yes, use one of the after market apps.  If your wemos are having trouble staying connected (flashing amber) then you need to use access points with separate wifi SSIDs - the wemos tend to connect to the first one they find rather than the strongest signal.

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Re: Mini plugs not staying connected

Since about two weeks ago, when there was some sort of a firmware update, all my WeMo stuff went to hell. None of my dimmers work anymore , my WeMo mini plugs work sporadically, and the regular WeMo light switch I have in my boy's room seems to work by voice activation with Alexa, but doesn't show up on the WeMo app. None of the devices show as connected on the Alexa app, and some of the plugs will work with voice activation & some won't. None of the dimmers work with voice activation on Alexa, and they show up sometimes on the WeMo app but other times they don't. I don't know what the hell's going on. I was on the phone for 3 hours with Belkin support the other day, they had me reset a mini plug, restart a mini plug, reset a dimmer switch, they had me unplug my Alexa, and restart my phone, all kinds of crap, but nothing seemed to help. It's troubling to see that this is clearly a problem with multiple people, and I really hope they can fix it. I liked all their stuff when it worked, but as of about two weeks ago, it's like I've wasted over $500. Why don't you just go back to whatever the hell they were running before the firmware update 2 weeks ago. The stuff seemed to work fine then, most of the time.