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Registered: ‎01-09-2019

Mini showing up twice in Apple Home app

My HomeKit went wonky the other day. I had the “Loading accessories and scenes” white screen of death and had to reset and start over. Added everything back but one of my Minis is listed twice; one time as connected directly to HomeKit and the other as connected through the WeMo bridge. The direct version is working fine, the bridge connected one is not responsive. How can I eliminate the “ghost” version that is linked to the bridge? Everything looks fine in the WeMo app.
I also have a WeMo lightswitch (connected through bridge), and another Mini (directly to HomeKit without the bridge working fine).
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Re: Mini showing up twice in Apple Home app

Hi, I am new to the community, still reading through things, but it looks like part of your issue is the same as one I am working through/finishing up with. You may want to view “WEMO Community > WEMO Application > What is best setup for mix of HomeKit Ready and non-HomeKit Ready Wemo accessories?” posted  01-08-2019 05:14 AM  - Good Luck, CTMax