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New WeMo maker gives no output

Hey there!
I just got a new WeMo maker and started playing around with it. The sensor in and outputs work perfectly but I get no output at all with the relay outputs.
I tried connecting a 12V DC engine, multiple LEDs with the fitting resistors, and even a buzzer, that normally accepts a wide range of input (from 6V to 24v) but none of this would work even though the app and the light on the WeMo maker indicate that an output is applied.
I changed +/- multiple times but it didn't help either. Normally I'm doing very well with electronics, and I already managed to wire up my house with raspberry pi's, but this thing is driving me crazy...
Is there anything I oversee?
Thanks for your help!
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Re: New WeMo maker gives no output

I may not understand, but perhaps it helps to point out the relay connections are not outputs.  They're connected to the internal normally open relay.  Try an ohmmeter across the relay connections, look for a closed circuit when the maker LED is lit, open when it is not.  If you don't see that, the maker is broken.

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Re: New WeMo maker gives no output

The Relay connection is just a switch. You can use it as a switch for up to 24V.