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Poor Wifi connectivity with WeMo devices

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Lately my WeMo devices (light switch, insight, and switch) have frequently lost their wifi connection. Sometimes they reconnect on their own, sometimes not.

I have a number of devices of other brands in the home, no problems with them.


The wifi range on the Wemo's seems to be very poor. They connect more consistently when they are located within 10-15 feet of the wifi router, but any farther and they often won't connect at all.

Even the light switch which is 15 feet from the router (a very good Linksys router) in direct line of sight, often loses the connection.


I like the Wemo's when they work, but they don't work very consistently.


Looks like the Wemo's just aren't up to par with their competitors in this regard. 

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Re: Poor Wifi connectivity with WeMo devices

Hello btcompute


I had the same problem until a week or so ago. It's the WeMos and as with you all my other devices stay connected. Anyway, I already had my router on the best channel, and I'd set it to stay there and not hop around in order to find the best channel itself. My WeMos also have fixed IPs. They were still dropping off the network and reconnecting, many times in 24 hours.


I seem to have resolved the issue by setting my router to issue DCHP leases of two weeks when it had been set to two days. My WeMos now stay on the network for the lease period of two weeks with just the occasional hiccup with an odd one. Not bad as I have nine WeMos in all.


So, if you haven't already done so, set your router to the best channel and fix it on that. Allocate all your WeMos a fixed IP and set your router to issue two week leases or experiment with the lease period. Fingers crossed. It might work.


I'd be the first to agree though. You shouldn't have to mess around like this.



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Re: Poor Wifi connectivity with WeMo devices

Me too after years of no problem. Unplugging and replugging TWICE fixed the problem on most of them! One device needed to be reinstalled but it then dropped out and the previous solution fixed it - who would guess!


This is definately a WeMo problem as the above occured in two different Countries with two different controlling devices and different routers!


Not had a problem with my light switch fortunately.

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Re: Poor Wifi connectivity with WeMo devices

Thanks Peter & Phil,


I'd rather not have to do that much work with the router settings. We shouldn't have to. Seems like the Wemo's worked better in the past than they have lately.


Think I'll just go with devices of other brands. The GE outlets and switches work well with my Startthings hub, and are about the same price as the Wemo's.  I see some other brands that may be good options.


If I hear that the new item's Belkin is putting out work better than what I have, maybe I'll give them another try.



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Re: Poor Wifi connectivity with WeMo devices

I think the latest firmware updates and the app update have broken a lot more than they've fixed. Try set up a rule and change the name of the rule - it just gets stuck