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Registered: ‎01-07-2016

Power outage - no green wifi light

I had to turn off a breaker for about an hour.  WHen I turned it back on, the 2 switches have no little green wifi light.  (the one that blinks when you reset it)


I tried resetting, restarted, factory restore.  When I try to rerun the set up,  it finds the switch via its own wifi.  I name it, poceed.  It runs thru, the green wifi blinks for a bit, then just disappears.  


The wall outlet wemo device is working fine, its just the 2 wall switches.  

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Re: Power outage - no green wifi light

Hi. Please try to reset it for 30 seconds this time and run the same setup. Let's see if that makes any difference.

Thaddeus - 14850
WEMO Technical Support
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Re: Power outage - no green wifi light

I am experiencing the same issue. I can reset the switch (have tried resetting it for 30 secs), connect to it and configure it, but I cannot connect to it using the WeMo app after its configuration. The WiFi light changes colour from green to turning off. 

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Re: Power outage - no green wifi light

It seems odd, chelseafc. Once the Wemo switch is properly configured, the LED should turn off and your app should be able to detect the device. Try to force close the Wemo app. Make sure that it is not running in the background and relaunch it. Check if it can now detect your devices.

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