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Product requirements

I have installed six light switches, 2 WeMo switches, 1 WeMo insight switch, and a NetCam. It is an investment, and I will now wait several months to test the reliability of the devices. If any fail, I will probably look elsewhere for devices. All of them, by the way, went in pretty much as advertised. One should note the caution by another user that when cutting the power to the circuit or the WiFi router during installation, be patient and allow the system to reset and reconnect. It is not fast. Nevertheless, I have found this to be quite true.

Assuming the quality of the products are sufficient, and no failures are detected, I am looking at installing in excess of 30 more light switches and at least five more NetCams. (Not all at once -- I do have a budget, but probably during a 12 to 18 month period.)

Assuming no failures or other issues about the product, I will still be unable to proceed until the following product enhancements are made available.
1. I need five double light switches with a single faceplate for each set of two switches. This should be a fairly easy product to add. Rather then two switches with two faceplates, I need a set two switches with a single faceplate.
2. Currently, the light switches cannot be used in a two-way switch setting. I have a stairway and family room that, both, have lights controlled by either of two switches. One might think that I can simply bypass these switches, but I will not do that. For reasons of esthetics, security, and special needs, I must include these switches as a requirement for proceeding.
3. Two of the target switches control lighting in dinning areas, and such hanging lights must be capable of being dimmed. Being able to dim the lights manually at the switch and remotely are both needed.
4. I am interested in the WeMo LED light bulbs and starter set advertised as "coming" in the future. I can wait for the full specs, but it would be beneficial to know if I should wait on the offering. For this decision, I need to know:
a. Will the bulbs operate in a three-way bulb lamp?
b. What wattage or lumina range will be offered?
5. Finally, if I install up to forty switches, five or six NetCams and several dozen WeMo lights, I need a better WeMo app than what is currently available. At a minimum, I need to be able to group the switches and bulbs into reasonably sized collections, ideally at three or more grouping levels. (Since the NetCam has a separate app, they are not a problem.) A Mac app (and Windows for those that us it) for defining rules and monitoring the complete network on a large screen would be much more user-friendly and really be almost mandatory if one is going to get serious about doing a complete household network. Defining rules for all these devices on an iPhone would not work.

With all of the above as a preamble and description of the problems that are foreseen, my question is: Are there any that will not be done, and for the remainder, what time frame would be reasonable for resolution to these anticipated barriers?

I am enjoying the WeMo line, so far, and I hope the above assists in product development.

Community Manager
Posts: 85
Registered: ‎05-08-2014

Re: Product requirements


I have not heard if items 1, 2, 3 and 5 is on the roadmap and your feedback has been shared to the team. Currently, item 2 is not supported but there has been discussions around it. Same goes for items 3 and 5.

WeMo LED specs will be released as we get closer to product launch. The light is designed to work in a light socket at a very low power. Since everything is controlled by the app, it is best to screw it into the socket and leave the lamp turned on, and then control the bulb with the app.

Sorry I can't give some timelines yet but appreciate the input! Smiley Happy