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Remote access unknown devices

I got a set of 2 wemo dimmers and set them up. The first one connected easily and is working. The second one, that I set up at the same time is not connecting to the internt. When I try to connect the second dimmer it says wemo.unknown and will not connect to the wifi. Any suggestions?



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Re: Remote access unknown devices

Hi, Mark1. What’s the status of the Dimmer’s LED indicator? Have you tried resetting the Wemo Dimmer to factory defaults and see if the setup pushes through? Did you get any error message?


Please make sure that the Wemo Dimmer is not far from the router during the setup process. Reboot the Wemo Dimmer by turning on/off the circuit breaker. Then, connect to the Wemo Dimmer’s setup SSID and go through the setup process once more. Restarting your router may also help.


Let us know how it goes.




To reset the Wemo Dimmer, press and hold the LED bar for 11 to 14 seconds.  Release the button when the LED bar is illuminated red to restore it to factory settings.

Reil – 22071
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Re: Remote access unknown devices

I tried to restart the switch by holding it down, I did this for 20 seconds and the light did not turn red. I reset the switch at the breaker box and it still comes up wemo unknown on my wifi.

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Re: Remote access unknown devices


Got it. What LED light is the Dimmer illuminating? You can try using another compatible handheld to check if the same SSID is showing up on the Wi-Fi network list. Also, how far is it from the router?

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Re: Remote access unknown devices

Geez, do you folks actually get paid for these answers? I really don't think that you "got it".  if you're getting paid, maybe you should reimburse customers for their time when you waste it with this nonsense.


How would the LED light change the SSID broadcast by the dimmer?  And why would another phone pick up a different SSID?  Maybe there's a better way to help than telling customers they need to redecorate their house by moving the dimmer switch closer to the router when the app or dimmer is broken? (Hint - yes, there is a better way.)


Mark, to double check, the LED Bar is the poorly named button UNDER the main on/off/adjust switch bar that has the white LEDs on it.  if you can't get it to reset, or the reset doesn't cause it to broadcast the correct SSID (it can take a few minutes after a reset) you may need to exchange it.

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