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Re: Reset Wemo Dimmer Switch

Hi, drouillj.  We were able to pull up your case on our system. Before you consider returning the device, allow us to have this checked through here. To clarify, is your WEMO Dimmers not anymore responding to the App commands? What LED light were they on?

Jo-Ann - 21744
WEMO Technical Support
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Re: Reset Wemo Dimmer Switch

I have 2 dimmers and been having the same issue with both of them. Physical switch and app do not respond. It happens about 1-5 times a month, I will need to reset the breaker to get them to respond again. Very annoying so have bought less expensive WiFi dimmers at other locations in the house that never give me issues. Tempted to replace the Wemos too.

There are 5 pages of issues and responses on this thread, so sounds like a common problem, but still don’t see any general feedback and resolutions on the issue.

Pretty disappointing for such a reputable company and expensive switch.
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Re: Reset Wemo Dimmer Switch

I've tried to make these switches work. On paper they're a great idea, in reality, you'd have better luck trying to use an etch-a-sketch to control your lights. I'm CONSTANTLY having to flip breakers, re-program the switches, re-sync then to my Wi-Fi and so on. I've got like 15 or so of these in my house and I'd honestly just rather have regular light switches that work. I'm probably going to replace all of them with regular switches and put all of these junk ass Wemo switches in an incinerator. I've fought these **bleep** things for the last two years and I'm finally going to throw in the towel. I'm done, the incinerator is warming up...
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Re: Reset Wemo Dimmer Switch

If you're really ready to give up it may be worth giving AutomationManager a try.  I know it sucks to go to the aftermarket for what should already work with the belkin app but they have struggled to get it right for a very long time...  I haven't yet needed to reset my dimmer let alone turn off the breaker - AM really helps with the stability of these things plus has a richer rule set.  If you don't like it I provide a full refund, if you do but still want to switch to another company AM supports hue, lifx, tp link, lightify, and yee bulbs as well as wemo in one app so you can keep going during the transition.  Link for more info is below and I try to respond to email questions in < 24hrs.

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