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Registered: ‎02-04-2017

Restore / reset tip / possible solution

As a new user to Wemo I had been struggling to get a Wemo switch (v1) to connect to a Virgin super hub 3.0.


I read numerous posts with lots of good info but all to no avail. My Wemo switch just wouldn't connect and seemed to be in a continuous loop of the flashing amber light followed by 7 flashes of amber and blue.  That was then followed by a solid blue light for a second or two before it reverted to the amber light flashing again before alternating blue and amber for another 7 flashes,  and so the loop continued.  


I was on the verge of giving up and writing the switch off as faulty  when it occurred to me the restore button didn't feel very positive when pressed.  It also sat slightly recessed below the surrounding plastic.  I gently manipulated the button with a small screwdriver and it sprang free and now sits slightly above the surrounding plastic and now has a positive clicking action.  Even better, the unit is now functioning perfectly and setup was indeed a easy as Belkin claim.  


So for all those who might be struggling with their Wemo switch you may want to check and see if this is your issue too.  

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Re: Restore / reset tip / possible solution

An excellent suggestion, Megs100


A stuck-in reset button is certain to cause problems.