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Registered: ‎06-08-2018

Setup Help

Two Brand New WeMo Switches

Model F7C027uk

iPhone 7

Latest WeMo app


I plug in the WeMo.

I join the WeMo wifi network.

I open the WeMo app.

I enter my email address.

I get error message: We've lost connection with the WeMo device. Please quit this app, reconnect to the WeMo network, and reopen this app.

I go to the wifi settings on my phone, and the WeMo network is gone.

I do a factory reset of the WeMo.

I wait a few minutes for the WeMo network to show up in my phone's wifi.

I go through the process again.

And again.

And again.


Please help!


Posts: 2
Registered: ‎06-08-2018

Re: Setup Help

The above was when I had made my iPhone 'forget' my home wifi network before starting the process. If I have my iPhone join my home wifi network first and then switch to the WeMo network, the setup process seems to get a bit further along. I can get to the step of selecting the home wifi network and entering the password. Then the phone connects to the home wifi network and says "Discovering your WeMo devices", but the WeMo wifi indicator turns off and eventually I get the same error message: "We've lost connection with the WeMo device. Please quit this app, reconnect to the WeMo network, and reopen this app." This, again, requires a reset.

Note: I have used previous versions of WeMo switches years ago, and I had the same problems. After twenty or so attempts, I'd finally manage to get one set up. It would work for a few months, and then it would fail and I'd have to do the twenty setup attempts again. This is a real pull-your-hair-out-while-you-bite-your-tongue-off-and-jump-out-a-high-window-and-slit-your-throat-while-killing-every-kitten-in-sight kind of frustration.

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Re: Setup Help

Hello, chauhound,


It looks like you've already exhausted most of the basic troubleshooting. Allow us to endorse your case to our 2nd Level Support team for further diagnosis and advanced troubleshooting. Please send us an email at WEMOCares@Belkin.com along with the following details and a link to this community post for us to endorse your case to them.
• Full name
• Phone number
• Location
• Username

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