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Stuggling over last 2 weeks

Hey guys, I have both the wall switches and the first plugs and I have had nothing but problems daily with them. I don't know if this is a bad firmware pushed down or what, but daily when I go into my app, my devices are there but unavailable. 


I have had these devices for several years and having nothing put problems now with them. Which sucks because 2-3 of them are wall plugs, so big pain to pull them out and replace back to normal switches.


What's going on? New firmware, new software. Nothing on my end has changed..





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Re: Stuggling over last 2 weeks

Hi, Billdow. Usually, force closing the Wemo app and rebooting your Wemo devices should do the trick. However, we also have a few checklist that you might be missing out. Here are a few:


1. Make sure that your Wemo devices are connected to the 2.4 GHz network;

2. The smartphone you're using should be connected on the same network (2.4 GHz) as your Wemo;

3. Your Wemo should get at least 2-3 signal bars from the router; and

4. If you want to control your devices remotely, be sure to enable the Remo Access feature on the app.


By the way, are you using an Android/iOS device? You can also try installing the Wemo app on another handheld device and check if the same behavior persist.

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Re: Stuggling over last 2 weeks

LOL, I wonder how many people are connecting wemos to their 5GHz network!?  That would be some trick.  Oh, and how do you get your wemos to show signal strength bars?


#2 is the key point - in fact, be sure to connect your phone to the same PART of your network if you use extenders or WAPs.  Mesh networks can be a challenge.

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Re: Stuggling over last 2 weeks

I’m having immense troubles, too. I have 14 WeMo devices, most of them in wall switches. The app could only find 5 of them tonight. They worked perfectly for a couple years and now all of a sudden, none of them work consistently. They are all sporadically malfunctioning.
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Re: Stuggling over last 2 weeks

Hi, tobefirst


Was there any changes done to the router -- like a firmware update? Try power-cycling (plugging/unplugging from power outlet) your Switches and your router too for isolation.

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