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Registered: ‎09-10-2017

Switch and Light blinking orange

I have two (2) switches and a wall light switch that are all blinking orange (no internet) but will react to both my Echo and the app. Problem started yesterday Sept. 9. I tried unplugging a Switch, waiting 5 seconds, and plugging back in. Fixed the problem for about 30 seconds. Tried resetting the wifi. Same result. Nothing has changed with any of my router or Internet settings. App version is 1.18.1 (123) on Android Oreo (I have a Pixel if that helps). Firmware on all devices is 2.00.10966. Tried looking for an update to see if that was the problem, but none was available.

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Re: Switch and Light blinking orange

Hi, Osmo250. Try to reset your Wemo devices to their Factory Default settings and reconfigure them afterwards. Observe the behavior of each of your Wemo. If the same setback recurs, email us your contact details (name and phone #), location (country/state), and the link to this community post for our reference at WemoCares@belkin.com. We'll have our Wemo Experts assist you further from there.

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Re: Switch and Light blinking orange

Any updates? I have the same issue.

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Re: Switch and Light blinking orange

Hi, LarryM.
Try moving your switch to a different power outlet. Make sure that the firmware version is updated. BTW, how far is the switch from the router?

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