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Switch installation question

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I Apologize if this is elsewhere but I was not able to find my situation. I have 1 switch that powers my kitchen lights (4 bulbs), Im seeing a ground wire, 3 black wires and another ground? and my neutrals in the back. Can my switch be wired up? If so how do I wire the black wires? Its the only switch in the house that controls the kitchen lights.





Posts: 3
Registered: ‎02-04-2017

Re: Switch installation question

anyone know if I can wire this up?

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Re: Switch installation question

Probably but it's hard to be certain without being on site.


I don't see an extra ground in the picture.  It looks like a PVC circuit box so I suspect all of the grounds are wired together including the one going to the switch itself.


Most likely the power is daisy chained into the rest of the circuit.  If so you'll need to figure out which black is the line (power) in, which goes to the lights, and which black goes on to other light switches or outlets.


Pigtail the line in, line out, and wemo black power in together. The other wemo black to the load (lights).  Wemo white into the white bundle.  Ground to ground.


It's always best to consult with or have the connection checked by an electrician.



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Registered: ‎02-04-2017

Re: Switch installation question

I have a bundle of ground wires in the back of the first picture, and a bundle of neutrals.


The bottom wire on the second picture is wired to the green ground screw of the switch.