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Switching from wemo, to what? The time is coming

Wemo has had enough recent issues, that I have started to feel neglected at one point everything was flawless for me.

Belkin made it seem like wemo was just getting started, well it’s been stagnant for awhile now. Missed deadlines, no products releasing, it just seems like a sinking ship.

So what did you guys switch to? Or what have you guys looked in to and like?

*My time is coming sooner then later for the switch. Especially if the alexa dimming thing is back (started for me again today 1/4/18)

I have liked talking with all of you and I hate I might move on, but smart people usually try to get off a sinking ship. lol
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Re: Switching from wemo, to what? The time is coming

I just ordered 6 Zuli smart outlets. They lean, measure energy usage, Bluetooth, the app allows for multiply networks. So if you have a vacation home you can switch between and setup you rules.

On Groupon I bought 6 for $24 with free returns.
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Re: Switching from wemo, to what? The time is coming

TP-Link’s switches and plugs use the same internal hardware as WeMo and so are comparable price-wise, and the Kasa app is so much better it’s difficult to quantify. I think the Kasa app is better than Apple’s native smart home app, let’s put it that way.

Not so much a fan of TP-Link bulbs, though. I don’t own any and based on customer reviews they seem to be fine, but Zigbee is such a better platform for a bulb, and TP-Link bulbs are WiFi.

The reason I have stuck it out with WeMo is because it’s one platform for all my devices. But the platform seems to be dwindling. There used to be crockpots, coffee makers, humidifiers, compatibility with any Zigbee bulb, plugs, baby monitors, motion detectors, and switches.

Now we have plugs whose relays are failing en masse, a switch that years later has no three-way implementation, a dimmer that is only reliable with illegal incandescent bulbs, and a legacy bulb hub that has been deliberately sabotaged so it doesn’t work with 99% of the stuff on the market even though it is fully capable of doing so.

If these issues are not acknowledged by the end of January, I will request refunds for each and every product I own. If the issues are not fixed or the refunds not made by the end of February, I will chargeback each and every purchase of my WeMo equipment with American Express. Then I will replace the bulbs and LED strips with Philips Hue, and the switches with Leviton, and if doing so costs me more than the WeMo investment, I will retain counsel and seek damages.
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Re: Switching from wemo, to what? The time is coming

You won't find an app with more overall control than Automation Manager :-)

One can lose themselves in the rules you can create.

Mike's app does control TP-Link devices too. I wouldn't run them without re-flashing them though. Even further unknowns with that cloud than Belkin's.

Maybe current shipping Wemo's are different but I've yet to have a failed relay in a Wemo and I have well over 125 that I started acquiring since 2013.

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Re: Switching from wemo, to what? The time is coming

I have an IOS device. So not automation manager here. Please help me with that, and Dan, I am right there with you.

Wemo has all these things cooking then, went awol on us. I’m assuming you are waiting until the end of CES. At the same time tho, we saw that one CES with window sensors, water sensors and everything else and nothing, lol

I know belkin did announce a new qi charger, saw it in macrumors.

I see with you going with hue and leviton which app will you use to control it all?

I’d use Home kit stuff, so I can use the native apple app.