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That's it

Everything disconnects every few hours. This is unbelievable. I am restoring everything to factory settings and sending all back.

My wi-fi network works flawlessly with over 12 different devices which none of them ever disconnect or lock up. Signal strength is at least -54 dBm everywhere in the house and the closest neighbors' router reads -75 dBm at most.

So no, it's not a problem with my setup. Even though I have an open ticket, I cannot keep something that stays out of order for days on end.

I wish good luck to all the employees. Belkin should stick with power bars.
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Re: That's it

Belkin, I'm sure knows their product is flawed. You just have to do a Google search on this problem and you will have hours if reading ahead. The support people have nothing to give except the company line.. "name, product, e-mail address, and our second level support will contact you in 24-48 hours" l went through all that, it worked for a day or so, and went back to the old issue. I even went as far as to buy a new router thinking that was the issue.. I have given up, you win Belkin, you have my money, I have a flawed product (s) I found a new smart plug, "elf" works flawlessly for a month now. I have 3 of them now and no problems whatsoever. Good luck everyone, you will need it.
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Re: That's it

Poking around on the internet came up with disturbing results...

First, the Wemo minis are made by another company, not Belkin: Gemtek. This means that Belkin have no power over the design and probably very little on the firmware. Quality control seems an afterthought for Gemtek. Their other products seem to be (stereo-) typical Chinese cheap stuff.

Second, the wikipedia entry for Belkin has, let's say, interesting references about past behavior from the company. It's worth a read.

Finally, I viewed a few reviews for that other company (rhymes with sink) on YouTube and others, and their offers are far better, hardware-wise with Qualcomm Atheros chips, and in-house design and software development. What they are missing is a dimmer wall switch, which can be obtained anyway from Lutron.

I should be getting a plug today and will report back any problems here, just to be fair.
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Re: That's it

I have a module from that other company... Setup is done in less than a minute. Response to commands is instant. I rebooted the router: all the Wemos fell off the Earth again but the HS100 reconnected automatically.

So I finally figured out a solution: get rid of Wemo.
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Re: That's it

Yes they work without issue - not HomeKit compatible though!!

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Re: That's it

There is a TP-Link homebridge that will fix that. Smiley Happy