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Registered: ‎04-14-2017

Two wemo makers won't join my network

Hello, I have 18 wemo devices and 1 wemo maker currently on my network. They are all working fine. I'm trying to add a second and third wemo maker to control my other two garage doors and they will not join the network. I have two AirPort Extremes forming a meshed network and currently it has 42 devices. I tried turning off some of the devices and waiting two days to try again. I thought I might have reached a limit of wifi devices, but they still won't join. I've tried resetting the routers, the makers, and my app, but nothing works. Any ideas?
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Re: Two wemo makers won't join my network



Hey there, Danny. It could be due to some wireless interference disrupting the setup process. How far are the 2 Wemo Makers (The ones you want to add to the network) from your router? Also, are you bumping into any error notification when running through the setup?

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