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Registered: ‎10-29-2015

Unresponsive Wifi Switch

After a few days of a functioning wifi switch, I had to reset as it became unresponsive. Thinking at the time something odd happened, the switches are again unresponsive.

I have read posts on other users experiencing the same issue.

Is there a resolution for this issue yet? I'm finding it incredibly frustrating. I cannot keep resetting the switch to make it operable.

I have the latest firmware installed for the switches, new router and no other issues on the wifi network.

Interestingly, I have the same version switch at my residence in the USA, and has been operating for 2 months with no issues (110v version).

As the issue I am experiencing is in Australia (240v version), perhaps the 240v is interfering with the wifi?
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Re: Unresponsive Wifi Switch

There could be a lot of factors affecting the connection of the WEMO device and your wireless network. Have you been having disconnection problems with your wireless network?

I recommend that you set a static wireless channel in your router's settings. This ensures wireless stability. Then reset and configure the WEMO switch again.

Observe the connection after. Let's see if it still disconnects.

Thaddeus - 14850
WEMO Technical Support