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Registered: ‎07-07-2018

Various problmes with Wemo Bulbs

I have a range of problems with Wemo bulbs.

Android app constantly asks me to upgrade firmware, although the bulbs are all listed as having the latest available - Version 83. I have uninstalled app and reinstalled many times.


Then I recently replaced my router and had to reset the link to get it to recognise the new one.

As a part of this change, only 3 of my 4 bulbs are recognised.


I have reset the bulb by turning off and on four times (with various timing patterns), turned off and on the link, turned off and on the router, reinstalled the app. Nothing works.


Bulb works with the normal switch.


Any suggestions to get it to work? Or shall I replace it with a Hue bulb?

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Re: Various problmes with Wemo Bulbs

Hi, nirvine1,


It looks like you've already performed the basic workarounds, allow us to endorse your case over to our Escalation Engineers for further diagnosis. Please send us an email to WEMOCares@Belkin.com with the following details and a link to this community post for us to create a ticket for you.

  • Full name
  • phone number
  • State/Country
  • Model number of the WeMo bulb
  • username
  • router model number
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