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WEMO App Can't Find Devices Anymore (FIXED/RESOLVED)

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PROBLEM SOLVED/FIXED: WEMO App Can't Find Devices Anymore

As of May 6, 2018

In reference to this 2016 post: http://community.wemo.com/t5/WEMO-Hardware/WEMO-app-can-t-find-devices-anymore/td-p/26014/page/2

This easily done by adding four new port configurations (shown below) to your modem port settings.


It took WEMO almost two years to finally help me solve my problem, but here is the fixed if your WEMO App & Devices keep losing their connections with your current internet modem.  To fix this you need to set-up/configure and add four additional new internal modem ports within your internet modem (such as NetGear, etc., or whatever internet modem brand you currently have).  Just enter the four new port settings shown below within your internet modem and this will immediately resolve and keep you from losing your WEMO app connections.

Your Internet Modem Port Setting: 3478

Your Internet Modem Port Setting: 3475

Your Internet Modem Port Setting: 8443

Your Internet Modem Port Setting: 8080

Simply do a search within the YouTube website for your Internet Model & Brand Port Configurations.
Example of YouTube Search/What To Search For: Add Port To NetGear.



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Re: WEMO App Can't Find Devices Anymore (FIXED/RESOLVED)

Sooo... you mean you opened those ports up to the internet?  Without any security settings?  Do you mean, Port Forwarding?

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Re: WEMO App Can't Find Devices Anymore (FIXED/RESOLVED)

I wouldn't spend too much time on this.  If the belkin app can't find the wemos locally, opening your internal network up to the wilds of the internet is certainly not the proper solution.  At the very best it might let the app get out to the belkin server/cloud to find them.  Most of home routers already allow outgoing calls by default, and in any case the belkin app should not need to do this to find the wemos while you're at home - something else is wrong.

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