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Re: WEMO Bridge

Is it too much to ask for an update for loyal customers? I think it’s time to look at the competition who will treat customers with more respect!
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Re: WEMO Bridge

WEMO Maker Inventor
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Re: WEMO Bridge

My HomeBridge beta development is going very well for anyone that's tired of waiting (or is giving up hope!).


You need a low end android device running 4.4 or later to use as the hub/bridge plus AutomationManager for IoT plus HomeBridge for AutomationManager (that's it, the only other hardware you need is your wemos).  If you're willing to give beta feedback contact me for a discount for the HomeBridge.


It supports the wemo maker, wemo link + bulbs, and even the wemo cameras as motion devices (unlike belkin's version as they have abandoned those devices).  Yes it does work with Siri.  For more info or to contact me follow the link in my signature.



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Re: WEMO Bridge



Please could you advise when the Wemo bridge will be available in the U.K.?



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Re: WEMO Bridge


Is there any plans or date for the UK release of the bridge?
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Re: WEMO Bridge

At this point it seems like they shouldn’t have released it in the US at all; it’s buggy, doesn’t support a considerable number of WeMo devices, and has evidently no support. I wouldn’t hold your breath for a UK release.

If you’re a DIY-type of person, it’s pretty straightforward to get HomeBridge up and running (google: HomeBridge-platform-WeMo). If you want a turnkey solution, have a gander at what MikeP (member here) made. He has a HomeBridge doodad available which runs on any Android device.
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Re: WEMO Bridge

I’ve brought the bridge in the US via amazon. Works well in the UK apart from no support for the wemo bulbs.