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WEMO Dimmer Installation Issue

Hi all,

I just purchased a Wemo dimmer for my fireplace room and have run into trouble wiring it.


My previous dimmer was wired:


Wall       Dimmer

Black      Black

White      White

Red         Black

Green      Green


When I wire the WEMO Dimmer in similar fashion (Red to Red) I get nothing.


Here are my test cases.


Any thoughts on how to get this to work?


 WallGreenWhiteRedBlackSwitch OnLights On
Test 1WEMOGreenWhiteRedBlackFail 
Test 2WEMOGreenWhiteBlackRedFail 
Test 3WEMOGreenRedBlackWhiteOnFail
Test 4WEMOGreenRedWhiteBlackOnFail
Test 5WEMOGreenBlackRedWhiteFail 
Test 6WEMOGreenBlackWhiteRedFail 
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Registered: ‎12-01-2017

Re: WEMO Dimmer Installation Issue

[ Edited ]

Just tested the wall with a volt meter I have:

Black = Neutral

White = Nothing

Red = Hot

Green = Ground



Previous home improvers is my guess Smiley Frustrated


Can I install it?:

Wall     Wemo Dimmer

Black    White

Red       Black & Red

Green    Green

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Re: WEMO Dimmer Installation Issue

It could be "power through fixture" style wiring (which is still to code), if so it won't work there.  Also double check that it's not a three way switch as that is another reason it might have a red.  If it was messed up wiring then probably test 6 would have worked.  You might want to double check the wiring in the fixture to confirm it's what you expect.

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Re: WEMO Dimmer Installation Issue



With regard to this matter, this link might be of help. However, we suggest that you contact your local electrician for further assistance. 

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Re: WEMO Dimmer Installation Issue

Just checked it is a power through fixture style. Darn I really like the ease of use of this dimmer.

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Re: WEMO Dimmer Installation Issue

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Re: WEMO Dimmer Installation Issue

If you have red, white and black connections to a non-wemo switch, then you have a multi-way switch. Red is called a runner. The runner allows any switch in the group to turn a light on or off.


While Red may be hot, it is not the same as a black wire (power or line in), and the two should not be crossed.


A Wemo Dimmer will not work properly with a three-way switch.


(or at least I haven't figured out how to get it to work)