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Registered: ‎08-13-2017

WEMO Dimmer LED Bar indicator doesn't work

After a rather difficult setup I finally have my dimmer working and connected to Alexa.  The only thing is that the dimmer bar that runs horizontally under the switch does not light up.  The only part of the switch that lights up are the small white LEDs that show how bright or dim it is set to.  I contacted support chat and they said it is probably a fuse and that I should just use as is.  This is a brand new item so this is rather disappointing.  Anyone else have a similar issue, or know how to replace the fuse? 

WEMO Maker Inventor
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Re: WEMO Dimmer LED Bar indicator doesn't work

I have to wonder if support just wanted to end the chat...  There is no fuse.  That bar should light even if you're turning it off or on manually.  Sounds like it's defective, I'd try to get it exchanged.