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The best thing you can do is to take it back and get a refund and get something else from that store or business..... I am not promoting any other brand as I myself haven't found anything to replace my (still working) wemo's.  If you do find something please share with me.  Please note that all the other options I found were "hub linked" and I need them to be wifi which is why I have not yet found anything from a "real" company.





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Hi, Asiupang.
We were able to pull up your records in the system and it shows that our Wemo Support Team emailed you back asking for a screenshot of the error "WEMO.UNKNOWN". However, they're still waiting for your reply until now. Please check your email and get back to us so they can forward your case to our 2nd Level Support Team.


We've received your email. Please hang tight as our Wemo Support Team is already working on your case.

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WEMO Technical Support
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The problem is solved by returning and getting a new one for replacement. Please contact Wemo Support first to get the case number as this is a hardware issue. Thank you, support team.