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WEMO dimmer is now manual only

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Can't see it from iPhone app- deleted app and tried again, no luck. Attempted to reset dimmer, doesn't respond the way the instructions state it should. Reset power via breaker, it will indicate white LED when using it manually... then seemed to randomly display a red LED once or twice, but now displays green if you hold it for a few seconds. I've never been able to get any other indication out of it.... Not visible directly via WiFi and not connected to my router either. Should mention it was working perfectly for two weeks, even with the Alexa integration as well.

About to rip it out and throw it as far as I can... any ideas?


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Re: WEMO dimmer is now manual only

Same issue here.  Seems to be contained to the app and the dimmers specifically.


Regular switches and plugs seem to be working perfectly.

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Re: WEMO dimmer is now manual only

While is IS a cool looking dimmer- I'm getting increasingly annoyed that it doesn't work. I had another switch removed and rewired so I could install this one, specifically for the voice control.  It's now at the point where it doesn't do anything when trying to reset it- no colored LED or anything.
Holding off doing any more automation installations in my house until something is figured out. So far, it's looking as if I need to change brands. I've been testing three different brands and so far, including some no-name super cheap one straight from a Chinese web site... and Belkin is performing the worst-

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Re: WEMO dimmer is now manual only

Update- now I feel kinda stupid.


I assumed that by the LED light bar they meant the string of LED lights going vertical up the dimmer.  Apparently I'm not the only one- I went through the forums and several other places on the internet and LOTS of people don't realize that the actual horizonal bar UNDER the switch portion is where you reset it.


Seems that revising the instructions to be more clear as to which part is the "LED bar" they refer to when there are more than one parts that could be interpreted as an "LED bar."


It's working again... Now, to work on trying to get the dimmer to actually go quite a bit darker on the low setting if possible.

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Re: WEMO dimmer is now manual only

I’ve been looking to fix for the same problem for several months. I haven’t had a lot of time but I’ve done the reset at least 2 dozen times. Your update was the only one that made sense. I’ve made that same mistake over and over thinking this switch is the biggest piece of garbage when it comes to reset. Turns out the clarity of instructions is lacking. I don’t notice “a LED lightbar” with my cover in place. They don’t even tell you to remove the cover to push it. Thanks for saving me! Wemo lost out big time because in the mean time I’ve switched to buying Phillips Hue regular and color bulbs and find them far superior to Wemo and less problems with better instructions. They lost my whole house thanks to the way they designed the reset and wrote instructions.