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Registered: ‎10-15-2015

WEMO link goes dark

I've had the WEMO starter set with two bulbs for almost exactly one year.  Last week the lights didn't turn on at their normal time (I've removed the sunset rule and replaced it with 6pm after the July upgrade)


I noticed the Link was dark instead of green so I tried cylcing it but that didn't get it to solid green.  Thinking it was the same issue as a few months ago I removed both bulbs, reset the link, saw it on the iphone, set it up and plugged the bulbs back in.  All seemed fine for a few minutes and then the link went dark again.


Now when I try to even reset it I can't get it to join my wifi network and it just blinks amber.


Help, when these devices work they are great but ever since July it has been a ton of work to just get it to do what its supposed to do.



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Re: WEMO link goes dark

Hi, @ddinsm. We'll have our 2nd level support team check your concern. You can email us your concern at WemoCares@belkin.com, along with your community username and the link to this thread.

Please include the following in the email:

  • Contact details (name, contact number, email and location)
  • Make/model of your wireless router
  • Make/model of your mobile device
  • WEMO app version
  • WEMO firmware version
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Re: WEMO link goes dark

Just emailed all the info.




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Re: WEMO link goes dark

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Got it, Dave. We're forwarding it now to the team.




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