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WeMo Bulb will not reset

It appears that one of my 5 Wemo bulbs won't reset.  The bulb has a 3 second delay when turning on and then it is dim, not very bright.  The on/off reset procedure does not work, I've tried it multiple times with different light fixtures.  I have read several other posts with the same issue, but have not found a resolution.  I replaced the bulb with a new Wemo bulb, but would like to fix the broken bulb.

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Re: WeMo Bulb will not reset

1. How on earth did you manage to source a new WeMo bulb?
2. Look up the manual for the Osram dimmable A19 bulb and use the reset procedure for that. It is the same hardware.
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Re: WeMo Bulb will not reset

Thanks for the response.


 I tried the rest process for the Osram dimmable A19 bulb, but it did not work (it seemed to be the same as what I found for the Wemo bulbs except for 5 power cycles rather than 3).


I had a  extra bulb that I purchased but did not open as I ended up using a light switch rather than a bulb .  I did not return it as it was past the return period and in case I decided to use it for another fixture.

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Re: WeMo Bulb will not reset

Those symptoms indicate a dead bulb.  Belkin should replace it for free including shipping, they have in the past.  You should contact them directly and bug them for a replacement. Belkin promised us a lifetime of 23 years for the bulbs, I have to think you're a little short of that Smiley Wink.  I don't accept that they are no longer in production as an excuse for shoddy workmanship, they need to live up to their promises:  http://www.belkin.com/us/p/P-F5Z0489/