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WeMo Dimmer and Apple HomeKit compatibility

I recently installed a new Wemo Dinner and I am able to 100% control the Dinner through the Wemo app for the IPhone 7 Plus. However, when I try to "port" the dimmer over to Apple HomeKit I am not able to connect to the dimmer switch. I have four Wemo mini switches and have had no issues connecting via Apple HomeKit. However, for some reason I cannot get the Dimmer to operate via HomeKit. Here are the steps that I am following:


1. I have named the dimmer Master Bedroom Light

2. I have successfully connected the dimmer via the Wemo app

3. I have updated the firmware so that the dimmer should work with Apple HomeKit

4. I then navigate within the Wemo app to Connect to Our Smart Home Partners

5. I then click Apple Home app

6. I then click Get Started

7. Under the screen Connect to Apple Home app - my Master Bedroom Light is listed as Not Connected - with a green button Connect.

8. I then click on Connect

9. Here is where the issue/error occurs: The Wemo app screen is called Add Accessory. Instead of Add "Master Bedroom Light" it says Add "Lightbulb". The "WeMo" app by Belkin is asking to add an accessory to your home.

10. I then click on the Blue button Continue.

11. The tile shows a Yellow lightbulb in the top left corner and the tile is labelled Lightbulb. Not Master Bedroom Light.

12. The screen says searching for accessory and eventually times out. My guess is that the app is looking for an accessory called Lightbulb - not Master Bedroom Light - and never finds it.

13. I get a screen with an exclamation point - Accessory Not Found - Try Again. Eventual time out.

14. I click Try Again and the same thing occurs.


Steps I have tried to correct:


1. Completely restarted the entire softwre and firmware install process - re-set all settings. Nothing.

2. I have named the Master Bedroom Light - Lightbulb to trick the software. Nothing.

3. Tried to use my IPad instead of my IPhone.

4. All software and hardware is up to date.

5. I did a "hard" reset by turning the bedroom breaker off in our main distribution panel. While I now see the Master Bedroom Light tile in HomeKit it is either constantly updating or Not Responsive.


Can anyone please assist.

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Re: WeMo Dimmer and Apple HomeKit compatibility

I'm having the same problem.  Dimmer connects and works fine from Wemo app.  Dimmer will not connect to Homekit.  I also have two Wemo mini's...these work fine from Wemo app as well as Homekit.


I see the same thing you see, when trying to connect the dimmer to Homekit, Wemo app puts up screen that asks "Add Lightbulb?".  The only option is to hit the blue Continue button which in my case immediately brings up screen saying "Couldn't add Accessory" and also shows an icon at the top for a device "Lightbulb".

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Re: WeMo Dimmer and Apple HomeKit compatibility

There is another recent active issue thread "Wemo Dimmer not found during HomeKit setup from Wemo App" from user "Falconers" that sounds like the same issue.  Sounds like they were eventually able to get their dimmer working with Homekit by cycling power to the dimmer prior to attempting connection to Homekit from Wemo app.  I have not tried this yet.


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Re: WeMo Dimmer and Apple HomeKit compatibility



You may try to perform a network cycle or power cycle your router and see if you can add the Wemo Dimmer to your HomeKit. If that doesn't work, you can try to flip the circuit breaker to reboot the Dimmer then try to add the device again.

Jan - 22019
WEMO Technical Support
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Re: WeMo Dimmer and Apple HomeKit compatibility

I have now tried cycling power off and on to the dimmer via the breaker.  Still will not connect to Homekit.  Dimmer works fine (so do my two Wemo mini outlets) from Wemo app.  Wemo mini outlets also work fine from Homekit.  Homekit connnect screen seems to think the dimmer device is a "Lightbulb".  Connection attempt fails immediately after pressing the blue Continue button...error message is 'Couldn't add Accessory".

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Re: WeMo Dimmer and Apple HomeKit compatibility



Have you tried clearing phone cache, force closing the Homekit App, or use another handheld device for isolation? Here's another workaround that we can use: 


1. Do a hard reset on the affected Wemo Dimmer (restore back to its default settings). 

2. Reconfigure and set another device name on the unit. 

3. Re-add via Apple Homekit app. 


If still can't add the unit, let's have our Escalation Engineers have their diagnosis on the setback. Shoot us an email at WemoCares@belkin.com along with your Name, Phone number, Location (Country/State), MAC address of the Wemo Dimmer, and the link to this Community thread for reference.

Carl_S 21985
WEMO Technical Support
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Re: WeMo Dimmer and Apple HomeKit compatibility

I am having the exact same problem with two dimmers. I have tried all of the steps above dozens of times and this stupid product cannot be seen by Apple HomeKit. Why does Belkin lie about its products and say they work with HomeKit when this clearly does not?
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Re: WeMo Dimmer and Apple HomeKit compatibility

Hi, @Notsoldonwemo


Allow us to have our Product Experts assist you further with this. Please email us at WemoCare@belkin.com the following details so we can create a case for you:

-Phone Number


-Link to this community thread

-User Name

Wemo Technical Support