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Registered: ‎08-08-2018

WeMo Dimmer causing strobing/flashing with dimmable LED lights

I recently upgraded to WeMo dimmers in my new condo and I am experiencing an issue where they intermittently flash/strobe brightly, almost like lightning. This occurs even at the highest brightness level (100%) though it’s more difficult to detect.


Sometimes the flashing occurs very seldom (going for spans of 10-20 minutes and then a single flash), other times it is closer to a strobe light, flashing multiple times per second – in both cases the lights in my living room are effectively unusable now.


The setup:

- Lights: Sea Gull Model 14800S-15 (Dimmable LED surface-mount lights, 11W)

- Living room contains 4x, Bedroom has 2x

- Previously on a standard dimmer switch, and worked flawlessly

- Selected “LED Bulbs” when setting up the Dimmer switch – when going through the "full range of dimming" it flashed at basically all light levels.


Because these lights are flush-mount with integrated LEDs, they are essentially unchangeable, which limits my troubleshooting options.


For additional context, the same issue was occuring in the bedroom after installing a WeMo Dimmer there, but I followed some guidance on these forums to flip the breaker, and that appears to have stopped them from flashing. After that worked for a day or so, I installed the same model WeMo Dimmer in the Living Room, where the flashing began to occur immediately and much more frequently – I’ve tried flipping the breaker in the Living Room several times, but the problem persists.


Any ideas or recommendations would be most welcome – I had several WeMo switches prior to moving here and was very happy, but this situation with the dimmer is essentially unlivable and I’m soon going to be forced to replace them with the originally switch or another smart brand.



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Re: WeMo Dimmer causing strobing/flashing with dimmable LED lights

Same here.  Cleared up today, all the dimmers went out.

So done with wemo.  Going to replace all of 'em.

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Re: WeMo Dimmer causing strobing/flashing with dimmable LED lights

Hi, TrueJedi. Let's have our Escalation Engineers assist you with this matter. Please send us an email at WemoCares@belkin.com with your username, the link to this post, and your contact details (name, city/state, and phone number). 


We'll be waiting.


Reil – 22071
Wemo Technical Support