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WeMo Light Switch install

Hey all,


so i attempted installing the light switch yesterday.


I attached both black cables to the red cable, neutal to the black.


flipped the breaker switch, and i was able to detect the light switch within iOS, it could turn the light on, but the light would flicker at best, very weak.

 (This light switch controls one outlet)

so i dug around inside the switch box and found more cables, tried a lot of combinations with no real success.


can someone help me out plz?



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Re: WeMo Light Switch install

That looks like a 3 way switch (meaning you have another switch to control the same light).  The wemo isn't supported on 3-way switches, so if it is a 3-way you're going to have to do something creative.  You'll find some suggestions on how to hook up to a 3-way in some other posts on this forum.  If you're not good with electricity it's better to ask a qualified electrician.


Generally you hook white to white, black to black (times 2) and green to ground, white (neutral) to black isn't a good idea but does work in some wiring cases.

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Re: WeMo Light Switch install

I also tried 3 way switch but it doesn't worked for me then i called electrician coral gables then they have done the WeMo switch installation for me.