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WeMo Maker Quick Instruction Guide

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WARNING! This device is a potential shock hazard. Installation could be dangerous or illegal. Multiple breakers may need to be de-energized or switched off for safe installation. Please call a professional electrician if you are unfamiliar or uncomfortable with electrical work.


You may connect relay leads, sensor leads or both to your WeMo Maker.



1. Connect to power USB source.




2. Download and install latest WeMo App.




3. In Settings, select Wi-Fi and connect to WeMo network.




4. Launch the WeMo app to complete setup






How to connect a device to WeMo Maker.



  • Make sure the device is disconnected from any power sources.


  • Connect relay leads. (WARNING: Do not connect any device with voltage Higher than 24VAC at 1 amp or 12VDC at 2 amps.)



  • Connect sensor leads. (Note: 5VDC at 100mAmps out, max. TTL Logic: Normally High, Triggered Low.)



  • Reconnect device connected to the Maker to its power source/s.
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