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WeMo Maker Technical Specifications

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WeMo Maker Technical Specifications


Relay Technical Specifications


  • 0-24VAC/DC @ 1amp
  • 14 AWG max
  • Relay contacts isolated
  • Not for use with standard household appliances


Sensor Technical Specifications


  • TTL Logic
    • Low: 0-0.8V DC
    • High: 2.4-5V DC
    • Normally High (Optimized for sensors with open collector outputs, using internal 4.7k Ohm pull-up Resistor)
  • Powered by maker PSU or self-powered sensors
    • 5V 100mA max, power supply
    • Self-powered sensors: requires voltage isolation between sensor and Maker
  • Logic output can be inverted in electronics, or within rules in the app




  • A strong understanding of electronics and electrical wiring required
  • All connections via screw terminals





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