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Re: WeMo Mini Not Detected

I am having the same issue as everyone else on this board has reported.  There must be some type of defect with the WEMO mini switches.  I have an older version of the switch and never have had an issues.  For whatever reason the WEMO work initially and then go off-line.  Only way to get them to work again for me is by a factory reset.  


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Re: WeMo Mini Not Detected

I have the same problem too. I called customer service and was told to call my internet provider to change GHz and channel which I did. I am going to try and reset again, but not hopeful it will work.
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Re: WeMo Mini Not Detected

I am having the same “not detected” issue with my wemo mini smart plugs. There are no issues with the WiFi in the house. There are older model wemo plugs on the network as well as other brand smart plugs that do not fall off the network every couple of days requiring a physical hard reset of the units. I spoke to customer service about the issue and they said my units were faulty and that this was not a common problem. The new units are now doing the same thing. It sounds like a systemic problem and that another manufacturer would be a better option as Belkin appears to be in denial about flaws with the mini smart plugs.
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Re: WeMo Mini Not Detected

I got a pop-up to upgrade firmware. When I did, the upgrade failed and minis are no longer detected
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WeMo Mini Not Detected

I reserved the IP of each WEMO mini and Echo in my router.  This solved the device issues for me.

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Re: WeMo Mini Not Detected

Hi, Everyone! We'd like our Escalation Engineers assist you further on the issues that you have on your Wemos. Please shoot us an email at WemoCares@belkin.com along with your contact details, community username, and the link to this community thread for reference and we can have them assist you further.

Carl_S 21985
WEMO Technical Support
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Re: WeMo Mini Not Detected

Same problem here. Bought the "2 pack" at Costco. I have MULTIPLE Wemo units in the house, but these are the first Wemo Mini's. Tried BOTH, multiple times, resetting the plugs, uninstall/reinstall the app (which let to re-setting up the previous Wemo equipment, which went flawlessly). Neither in that pack would set up, so exchanged them at Costco for 2 new ones. Same thing with both of those, got all the way through the setup and got the message at the end of not detected, or not found can't remember which one.


You know Belkin, we shouldn't have to go into our routers and make all these changes to get these to work, they just should. I am very tech savvy, and don't expect to re-jigger my router.


Will not be buying any more mini's.If anyone comes up with a fix, please post here!

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Re: WeMo Mini Not Detected

Hello, eatabugg. We'd like to endorse your case to our Escalation Engineers for further diagnosis. Please send us an email at WemoCares@belkin.com along with your contact details (full name, phone number, location), community username, and the link to this community thread.

Jan - 22019
WEMO Technical Support
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Re: WeMo Mini Not Detected

3 WeMo Mini plugs now are detected and function after trying all findable online solutions for hours.  I called tech support and their procedure was succesfull. Here's what we did:


1. 1 Minute Re-Set of WeMo plug.  This is a more substantial re-set than that described on the plug (where you're instructed to hold the power button and plug in the device and hold until the light alternates white/orange, about 10 seconds).   Hold the power button for five-ten seconds, then plug in while continuing to hold the button.  Hold the button for a minimum of 1 minute, then release.

2. Turn off Wemo in iCloud (don't know if there's an Android equivalent?).  Go to iPhone Settings ---> Apple ID (top of the page)--->iCloud--->WeMo---> Set slider to "OFF" position.


3. Go to iPhone Settings and turn OFF both Cellular Data and Bluetooth.

4. Go to iPhone Settings and select your home 5g network (if you have one) and then select the settings for the 5G.  Should have an option to "Forget This Network" ,...choose that.  (after done, simply return here to Wifi setings, sellect the 5G and you'll be prompted for a passwod.  Once entered, all witll be back to normal with the 5G).


5. Delete WeMo App. (on iPhone, press and hold the WeMo icon until it shakes and dances and a little 'X" appers in the conrner of the app logo - click that X to delete the app.


6. Power Cycle your router (unplug for 10 seconds)

7. Download the Wemo App from the app store.

8. Install the Wemo App after downloaded.

9. Go to iPhone settings---> WiFi ---->Wemo Network (it will say "Wemo.Somthing in your list of detected WiFi signals)

10.  Opne WeMo App, it should recocognize that you're on the Wemo plug's network and initiate the setup process.

11. Turn "Remember Password" to OFF

12. Select your home 2.4G Wifi from the list the WeMo app should be showing you and enter the  password, ---> then click "Join"

13. Wait fo the WeMo to finish its work and with luck your plug will be on your 2.4G network and functioning.


Important Note: At the end of this, my WeMo App returned with a "Sorry" error message and so I thought that we'd failed.  However, I was instructed to close and reopen the WeMo App.  And on doing so I discovered that the WeMo plug had indeed been installed and was set up correctly - in spite of the error I got at the end of the set up process.


Did the 1 Minute full reset on 2 further Wemo Mini plugs (neither of which I could get to work before) and added them without trouble, one at a time to the network.  (i.e.,...do the 1 minute reset, open iPhone settings and sellect this new WeMo from the WiFi list, open the WeMo app and follow the setup instructions as before.


Maybe this process will work for others too?


....by the way,...though you should connect your phone again to your 5G network and turn on Bluetooth and Cellular Data in Settings,...there should be no need to go back to the WeMo setting in iCloud (Settings ---> Apple ID ---> iCloud ---> WeMo ----> (turned this OFF earlier). Apparently this iCloud setting is automatically restored to ON when the WeMo App was re-installed ....