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Registered: ‎02-06-2017

Re: WeMo Mini Smart Plug.

Hi Robet,


Not wanting to hijack this thread but I just posted a question about the mini vs the switch.



I have 3 homes, 2 in Canada and one in USA. I outfitted USA home with a Amazon echo and the new style Wemo mini. Luv it, Works great and have the Android app.  


Came home to Canada just last week and bought 2 more (on Amazon.ca) Wemo but had to buy the Wemo Switch instead of the Mini.  The Mini was not offered at 34.95 as in the USA.  I installed one of them and had to delete my USA install to get the Canada to work.  Now Im waiting for Amazon to intro the Amazon echo in Canada so I can replicate my setup in the USA.




1. Is there plan to build Wemo app that includes multiple locations? The same way  can have my Nest accounts? I want all three homes setup.

2. What is the diff between the Mini and the Switch?  Just formfactor?  

3. Should I return my 2 x Wemo Switch (Canada) and await the availability of the Mini in Canada?


Thanks so much!

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Registered: ‎07-31-2017

Re: WeMo Mini Smart Plug.

I have just one device the mini and I can't get it to save it save any rules but the one that I want is to setup an on/off timer.  I've tried it with both an iphone and ipod (10.3.3 and old version of ios), deleted and reinstalled the Wemo app and reset the mini to factory default settings.  Wemo app version is 1.18.1.  


Frustrating, thinking about returning this product and trying another brand...



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Re: WeMo Mini Smart Plug.

Hi, tm7302. Allow us to check on this. What's the current firmware version of your Wemo device? Has it worked fine before? 


You may also try these following steps:


- Delete the existing rule and create a new one.
- If the first step didn't help, you may also try to force close the app and make sure it's not running on background.
- Restart your phone


Let us know the result so we can assist you further. 


Nickel - 21388
WEMO Technical Support