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Registered: ‎02-06-2017

Re: WeMo Mini Smart Plug.

Hi Robet,


Not wanting to hijack this thread but I just posted a question about the mini vs the switch.



I have 3 homes, 2 in Canada and one in USA. I outfitted USA home with a Amazon echo and the new style Wemo mini. Luv it, Works great and have the Android app.  


Came home to Canada just last week and bought 2 more (on Amazon.ca) Wemo but had to buy the Wemo Switch instead of the Mini.  The Mini was not offered at 34.95 as in the USA.  I installed one of them and had to delete my USA install to get the Canada to work.  Now Im waiting for Amazon to intro the Amazon echo in Canada so I can replicate my setup in the USA.




1. Is there plan to build Wemo app that includes multiple locations? The same way  can have my Nest accounts? I want all three homes setup.

2. What is the diff between the Mini and the Switch?  Just formfactor?  

3. Should I return my 2 x Wemo Switch (Canada) and await the availability of the Mini in Canada?


Thanks so much!