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Registered: ‎01-26-2016

WeMo Netcam HD + HomeKit

Any chance even just the motion detection caopabilities of the Netcam HD cameras will be available to Homekit through the WeMo bridge? I've given up any hope that the actual video feeds will be available to HomeKit.

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Re: WeMo Netcam HD + HomeKit

Hi, sgorneau.
We don't have a word from the team yet. Feel free to post this on the Wemo Ideas board to reinforce this proposal. 

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Re: WeMo Netcam HD + HomeKit

How disingenuous.  Can you name one idea that's ever been accepted and implemented?  Multilocation, a key advantage of ALL of your competitors over you was one of the first ideas suggested.  What's the status of it?  Even the temporary workaround suggested by your own product manager never made it into the product.


You claim "no word yet".  Have you even submitted it?  Can you quote a feature request number (like any good development shop would have)?  What's the status of the feature?  Reviewed, accepted, in progress, rejected?  None of those?  "Never submitted" is not a valid status.


For anyone that hasn't invested in belkin's bridge there are competitor bridges that are more stable and provide more function, and are not as likely to be dropped (unlike the wemo baby and the wemo link, and the wemo bridge if it doesn't sell).  Mine for example (in my signature) ALREADY supports the camera as a motion device.





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