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Registered: ‎09-11-2018

WeMo Smart Plug not Working when new phone off

I have a WeMo Smart Plug and a Google Home.

I used to have a Galaxy Sol 2 with the app installed. When I would shut down my phone for the night, my WeMo would still work.

I, recently, switched phones. I now have a MOTO G6 FORGE. I have the WeMo app on it. When I shut down my phone at night, WeMo does not respond to my voice command. My GOOGLE HOME verbally responds to my command, but nothing happens.

What can solve this problem? Do I need to reinstall the app on my phone? Do I need to setup my Smart Plug again?

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Re: WeMo Smart Plug not Working when new phone off

Hi, jaisonmorgan. What's the LED status of the Wemo device? Is it working fine with the Google Home if the new phone is turned on? Try to disable/re-enable the Remote Access from the Wemo App and see if that helps.

Rosalyn - 21986
Wemo Technical Support