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WeMo Switch Discontinued?

hey anyone noticed that the Wemo Switch has been discontinued???


Here: http://www.amazon.com/Belkin-WeMo-F7C027fcAPL-Discontinued-manufacturer/dp/B0089WFPRO/ref=cm_cr_pr_p...


but it is available on Belkin still?




whats the go?

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Re: WeMo Switch Discontinued?

There are some resellers who are ending selling the WEMO switch on Amazon and marked it as such, which caused Amazon to mark it as discontinued.  We are not discontinuing the WEMO switch.


At one point there were two listings for the switch.  The one you have linked with shows discontinued and another which does not.





Robert S.

Belkin Technical Support

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Re: WeMo Switch Discontinued?

It is not discontinued. All resellers I shopped in the past still have it for sale. Including Amazon and your link which points to active product listing, not being discontinued. 

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Re: WeMo Switch Discontinued?

I purchased  the F7C029fc however, the F7C071 is the current model as the former is discontinued.  Is there a difference between these two models?

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Re: WeMo Switch Discontinued?



Hi there! Here's the link to refer to the difference between these two models. Hope that helps. 

Carl_S 21985
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Re: WeMo Switch Discontinued?