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Registered: ‎09-11-2018

WeMo Switch does not auto off



I have a wemo switch connected to an electric blanket, I have configured an Auto off timer.

The switch turned off, but the blanket stayed on, so I woke up sweeting.

There is no standby on the blanket so I set the power threshold to low, 2W. But the app does not save this.

These devices are very hit and miss, I wish I could have more confidence in the reliability.

The firmware update does not seem to work, as after the firmware is applied, it keep saying a new one is available.

App ver 1.20 (160)





Kind Regards



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Re: WeMo Switch does not auto off

Hi, davidrock. It is possible that the electric blanket has a digital switch instead of a mechanical switch. Get to know the difference here. Wemo can only control a device that has a mechanical switch.


When you turn on or off the Insight Switch using its power button or using the Wemo app, does the electric blanket also turn on or off? Do you also hear a clicking sound from the switch when you do so? When you say hit and miss, do you mean to say that the Auto-Off Timer rule worked the way you want it to before?

Plug the Wemo Insight into a different power outlet and check if the same thing happens. You may also reset the Insight Switch and try to update its firmware once more. Click the hyperlinks for the step-by-step instructions.


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