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WeMo light switchs wifi not working

Bought two of these guys and installed them friday.  (had my buddy help since he is an electrician.

At first, they both worked via manual switch turned the lights on and off.

Checked the wifi connected to each of the light switches, pressed update firmware.  


I waited several hours  neother device shows up on the mobile app.  Decided to try the reset.


So now 1 works manually, can connect for set up and it just disappears after the set up is complete.  Manual on off still works but the app says inactive, switch is blinking amber.
The socond on is blicking green and does nto resopnd to anything at all.  

They do not control the same light, the second one wont even reset, just blinks green forever, the restart button seems to restart it but it just blinks green.

Any suggestions?  Unplugging the device isnt really an option, and if i do all of that im just going to take it back to the store.

Curretnyl neiter device works. via the all and only one works via on off button.

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Re: WeMo light switchs wifi not working

You can hold the reset button for 15 seconds to restore it or just flip the breaker.  The comtinous blinking green sounds like it didn't boot correctly.



Robert S.

Belkin Technical Support

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Re: WeMo light switchs wifi not working

Ill try the 15 second thing, i cant flip the breaker until it stops raining, my box is outside.

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Re: WeMo light switchs wifi not working

I'm having the same problem. I had it working for a while and then I did an update. Now nothing works. My router doesn't see any of my devices. Ever want to just start crying!!! I've been sitting here for hours try to get these to work on my iPhone 6. OMG this is TOOOOO Hard!!!


Sorry, it's making me crazy!!!!!


It just doesn't want to see the network. Last time I try to get them working I also spent hours. So please help me!!!


Nothing of my devices work now. I have a camera (which I didn't try) and a mtion sensor with 2 switches. Restting them doesn't work. Im soooo tired right now. Whats happening? When I first bought them they worked great.

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Re: WeMo light switchs wifi not working

The 15 second thing didnt work, i had to kill the power for about 30 seconds.  After that everything came back up up with the old firmware, everythiing is configured and updated, and working.

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Re: WeMo light switchs wifi not working

check wifi isolation, I had it enabled on one of my networks.  Wasnt enough to fix my issue completly but it make life a little easier.