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Weired stand by detection (WeMo Insight)



at first, just a short explanation what my plan is:


1. Switch on my gaming pc (which is only used via Steam In Home Streaming and switches on when it gets power automatically)

2. After the pc was used, I shut it down, and an IFTTT rule to switch the WeMo Insight off when stand by is detected is activated, so the power should switch of automatically.

3. Return to 1 ...


But theres a problem: After a few minutes, when the pc is running, the WeMo Insight seems to falsely detects stand by. This is reproducible. I changed my IFTTT rule, so it just messages me when stand by is detected. I can observe this happening every time. The treshold is set at 2W, the pc consumes at least 80W when its on. Still, stand by is detected two times: shortly after switching it on, and correctly when it was switched off. This way, this feature is impossible to use obviously.


Has anyone experienced the same issue and/or knows how to fix this?



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Re: Weired stand by detection (WeMo Insight)

Sounds like a faulty switch