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Registered: ‎02-20-2017

Wemo Alexa linkage

My Alexa discovery finds multiple instances of individual wemo switches every time I run discovery. Can somebody help? I have already removed my wemo skill from the Alexa cloud but all devices are found multiple times every time discovery is run. Are wemos found via cloud or via network scan, I think it’s doing both!! Help
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Re: Wemo Alexa linkage



Hi there! For Alexa integration, all Wemo devices should be discovered via network scanning. If all your Wemos can be controlled using the Wemo App with no issues, let's have our Escalation Engineers look into this further and to better assist. Please shoot us an email at WemoCares@belkin.com along with the following details.

  • Full name.
  • Phone number & Location - City or State.
  • Operating system of the handheld device(s) being used.
  • Wemo device(s) MAC Addresses.
  • Community Username.
  • The link to this post for easy reference.

We'll wait for it. 

Carl_S 21985
WEMO Technical Support