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Wemo Bridge - 1/2 Devices showing "no response"



I successfully installed the bridge, and have it set up in the Home app ... but 1/2 of the devices are showing an error "no response".


- Switch proximity to the bridge and router does nto seem to matter, some are close others are further away.

- there are a total of 19 devices, and setup found them all wth names

-  the ones that dont have the error work fine

-  all firmware is up-to-date

- everything works just fineusing teh wemo app, and has for a long time


Tech spport said to unistall and reinstall the bridge and hoem app ... ok, but anyone have a better idea?



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Re: Wemo Bridge - 1/2 Devices showing "no response"

I am having the same issue, I reset everything and tried to get it working but it didn’t help
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Re: Wemo Bridge - 1/2 Devices showing "no response"

Got it working ... but a very weird solution ... 


 - get it all set up (Home can see the devices, but they dont respond)

 - unplug the bridge

 - delete the home app from your phone

 - plug in the bridge, wait until the light goes out

 - reinstall Home on your phone


After that everything has been working perfectly.

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Re: Wemo Bridge - 1/2 Devices showing "no response"

How I fixed this:

Try this:

1. unplug the following:
- Bridge
- WiFi Router 
- Any of these devices, if you have them: HomePod(s), AppleTV(s) that serve as Apple HomeKit hubs.

2. Wait one full minute.


3. Plug back in the devices in this order:
- Router
- Bridge
- Apple devices

4. DO NOT TOUCH ANYTHING for 30 minutes while the wifi network reconfigures itself.

5. After the 30 min has passed - check the Home App to see if it's populated correctly.

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Re: Wemo Bridge - 1/2 Devices showing "no response"

Ugh, are you sure about this?  Seems like a lot of hoops.  I'm not sure what a wifi network does to "reconfigure itself"...  In any case these are bugs in the wemo bridge - all of the other devices and bridges work fine in HomeKit.


Here's an alternative.  Grab your wemo bridge, and if you have one, your wemo link.  Take them to your door and toss them as far as you can into the street.  They won't work quite as well but they'll cause you a lot less frustration.


Belkin dropped the wemo link after running into bugs they couldn't fix.  They could have talked to the sylvania folks and used their firmware, but chose to leave us stuck instead.  The wemo bridge also has bugs they can't fix - how long till they drop that one too?  No refund for the link, I expect the bridge will be the same.


After the bridge is hit by the first car, sit down and have a think.  Do you really want web based IoT/Cloud services for home automation?  Probably not - doing everything in home makes more sense.  But Google wants you cloud connected, as does Amazon, and Apple, and Belkin, and especially China based companies. Your personal habits are gold to them.


The cloud is good for voice processing, and integrating devices from different vendors, and remote access (which, if you have good automation, you should seldom need to do).  But it sure isn't the right place to be automating your home.



Reliable and secure (Belkin cloud-free) home automation and remote access: