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Registered: ‎06-11-2018

Wemo Bridge HomeKit “couldn’t connect to this accessory”

The setup:

Two Wemo devices Connected to home 2.4GHz WiFi.
Both working via the iOS app on iPhone X.
Apple TV4K set up as HomeKit Hub.

The rundown:
Unpackage the Wemo Bridge and set it up, per the instructions. Apple Home app discovers it and adds it, but none of my Wemo devices are shown, nothing. App shows them, they work, just failed to register in the Apple HomeKit app. So started over; Delete the bridge from Home app and tried again, hold rest button on the bridge, follow the blinky light prompts, scan the code, wheels spins and spins. ....HomeKit fails to successfully add it. So..many.. attempts. Phone support can only have me do the same thing over and over for 1.5 hours.
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Re: Wemo Bridge HomeKit “couldn’t connect to this accessory”


Hello Sand2summit,


We have reviewed your record and a representative are looking into it. Also, our experts will get in touch with you for further assistance. Keep your lines open and check your email as well.



Reynaldo - 22029
Wemo Technical Support