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Re: Wemo Bulb and IFTTT woes



My expectation is that you guys will post a fix here, since there are quite a few people with the same problem (myself included).





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Re: Wemo Bulb and IFTTT woes

I understand your sentiments on this situation, Aramirezomni! As of now, the Engineering team is investigating and gathering more information about this challenge since the steps we've suggested on this thread didn't work for most of the users on this thread. Once they'll release a resolution, this thread will be updated. Email us with the information posted by Jonah.

WEMO Technical Support
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Re: Wemo Bulb and IFTTT woes

Okay guys, good news - it's back (at least for me). Just received email from Belkin support that they're going to call me tomorrow so I went to IFTTT website to check and there it was, see picture below.

It's funny, there is a new bulb that doesn't belong to me, called Mike Nightstand. It doesn't appear in my iPhone Wemo app so I don't think I can delete it. I wanted to play with it, but didn't want to wake poor Mike in the middle of the night Smiley Happy 


Anyway, go to IFTTT website and check if your devices are back. And just to clarify, I didn't make any changes, it just appeared in a recipe dropdown menu. I hope Belkin support has fixed it and it stays that way.





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Re: Wemo Bulb and IFTTT woes

Thanks for the feedback, ccie.

WEMO Technical Support
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Re: Wemo Bulb and IFTTT woes

[ Edited ]

Mine works now too! I had to reconnect my WEMO bulbs, but I can successfully make recipes with IFTTT now as well.

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Re: Wemo Bulb and IFTTT woes

You're not alarmed that someone else's devices are showing up in his IFTTT list?  I certainly am - especially 'cause that looks remarkably like the old name of one of my bulbs.  Isn't this list populated into IFTTT by Belkin?


Seems like you should be doing more than thanking him for the feedback - such as opening a investigation into a potentially serious security exposure.  There's an alarming number of "my lights are turning on for no reason" reports here, maybe this is the clue you need?  Imagine the lawsuit if someone's heater is turned on or off for no reason and you have neglected to investigate (neglect as in "negligent").

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Re: Wemo Bulb and IFTTT woes

It's funny about "Mikes nightstand". I've had the same thing happen in my app where I saw someone else's device. I've also had my bedside light turn on every morning at 5am which I am certain is from someone else's rule, as I would never wake up so early. Makes me worry about their security. :/
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Re: Wemo Bulb and IFTTT woes

Hey guys. I just received an update from the team on this and posted an announcement. There will be a fix to be rolled out in the next 24 hours.



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Re: Wemo Bulb and IFTTT woes

Thanks, I just checked and it's working here too (YAY)


Unfortunately (fortunately for Mike! Smiley Wink) - I can't play with his night stand.


I'm only showing my devices, but at least I am now showing my devices.


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Re: Wemo Bulb and IFTTT woes

fixed for me too.


thank you all Smiley Happy