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Wemo Daisy Chain

I am trying to install two light F7C030 switches into a box where the two existing switches are daisy chained together.

They're not set up as a three way switch, controlling something from different sides of a room. They control two different sets of lights independently, with one switch giving power to the second.

How can I install Wemo switches here and get that same result?
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Re: Wemo Daisy Chain

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Hi, Rudeboy2tone. You can daisy chain two Wemo Light Switches (have one switch give power to the other while both switches control different sets of light independently) by wiring them as explained by MikeP in the thread below. Also, you might want to note the downside of this setup:

  1. Wemo 2 will be dependent to Wemo 1. If Wemo 1 is turned off, Wemo 2 will be off as well.
  2. The maximum electrical ration for both Wemo Light Switches will be equal to that of one Wemo Light Switch only. (E.g. If one of the light switches already has a load of 1300 watts, the other light switch can only have a load of 500 watts.)
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Re: Wemo Daisy Chain

Ok. Thank you for the advice.
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Re: Wemo Daisy Chain


If by daisy chained you mean they share a common line in (black) wire that's pretty common.  Even if you really mean daisy chained it's fine.  The important thing is you have both the black line in and neutral (white) available. Just determine which black wire is the power and use that to feed both switches, and feed both into the neutral.  Most likely there's 2 more neutrals from the loads that should go into that white bundle.  Then hook the switched reds to the black of each load.


Take this as a guideline as there may be some differences but this should be close.

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Re: Wemo Daisy Chain

Hi there, follow-up question on this - I have a two switch setup, they were daisy chained, should have taken a pic before disconnecting but didn't. They were independent and didn't rely on one being on for the other to work as mentioned in this earlier response. Now that I've replaced one with a WeMo switch, daisy chained, it's now relying on the other switch to be on to work. One switch has two black wires. The other switch has 3 black wires. What am I missing to ensure these can act independently without the other being on as was the original daisy chain setup? THANK YOU!