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Wemo Dimmer - 3 Way Work Around?



I'm in the process of adding smart devices throughout my home.  I have 2 Wemo mini smart plugs that are working perfectly.  I just purchased some Caseta dimmers right before seeing the new Wemo dimmer.  I like the aesthics of the Wemo much better.  Problem is I have a ton of 3-way switches.


I stumbled across a work around for the on/off switches by MikeP.  Is there any reason this wouldn't also work for the dimmers?


Could IFTTT still be a solution?


YouTube Walk through of Work Around


Wiring Instructions

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Re: Wemo Dimmer - 3 Way Work Around?

I've ordered a dimmer, I'll try to integrate it into AutomationManager once I get it.


Probably the safest way to use the dimmer in a 3 way switch configuration would be to use another non-dimming smart switch in the other box.  Change the wiring so black & white are as in a conventional box and the load is powered through the red.  Wire the dimmer with white, black, and the other black to power the red as with any smart switch.   Wire the non-dimming smart switch into white and black, but NOT to red - cap off that extra black wire (or tie it to the other black).  That 2nd switch does nothing but signal the dimmer to turn on/off.


Then use AutomationManager and sync the two switches so that turning on/off one does the same to the other.  BTW, that work around is no longer needed.


This won't work with a power-through-fixture circuit, but for this case, or in place of using a $50 smart switch there are plans for a battery powered smart switch based on the ESP8266 on my site - less than $10 even including the battery, and it looks like the batteries will last a year or two based on my testing so far.


IFTTT should work but might be too slow and would depend on an internet connection.