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Wemo Dimmer Switch + LED Flickering When Turning ON/OFF

Wemo device #14 installed... First real issue here...


FYI: I've had a Wemo Dimmer Switch on my dining room chandelier for a few months. It works fine - the lights smoothly fade on/off. The bulbs are incandescent "edison bulbs". The Wemo was set to use "LED" in the app - even so, it worked fine. (I've since updated it).


I just installed the same type of Wemo Dimmer Switch in my kitchen for my newly installed super low profile LED recessed lights (4 of them). When the lights are turned on/off, and WEMO does that annoying fade in/out sequence, these LED lights rapid fire flicker as they dim on/off. I've tried running through the LED bulb configuration in the app numerous times, tweaking the low/high light levels, and nothing changes the behavior. Frankly, I wish when I turned on/off the lights, they just went RIGHT on/off - without Wemo's slow fade. That would solve my issue here.


When the lights are on, even while dimmed, they do NOT flicker. It's only on the start up/shut down sequence.


As it is, I'm ready to return the product, because that flickering is frustrating and annoying on the eyes.


Does anyone know 1) If there's a way to prevent the Wemo from doing it's "fade" in/out of the lights on on/off sequence or 2) Know what other possible tweak/setting I could change that would prevent the flickering of the lights as they go on/off?


Thank you so much!

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Re: Wemo Dimmer Switch + LED Flickering When Turning ON/OFF

Unfortunately the only thing I can think of is trying a different brand of LED light, as there is no way to change the fade in/out on the dimmer. If it makes you feel any better, that fader is considerably extending the life of your Edison bulbs on the other dimmer!